Savin Seeks to Improve Documentation Processes

2012 NOV 10 (VerticalNews) — By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Marketing Weekly News — Research shows potential of improved processes to enhance organizational collaboration and speed time to market

TOKYO – Ricoh Company, Ltd. announced that improving document and information processes can significantly help organizations seize new business opportunities such as:

  • faster time to market with new offerings
  • rapidly addressing customer needs
  • reacting more quickly to changing market dynamics
  • winning competitive business.

These findings are supported and summarized in a recent IDC white paper sponsored by Ricoh1. 1 IDC White Paper sponsored by Ricoh, “Organizational Blind Spot: The Role of Document-Driven Business Processes in Driving Top-Line Growth” September 2012

A product of Ricoh’s new Process Imperative initiative to promote improved document and information management, the IDC global study surveyed 1,516 document-driven business process owners and information workers.

According to the study, document processes are important to an organization’s revenue but can have a bigger impact on time to market. Ninety-one (91) percent of respondents said that optimizing customer-facing processes would help speed time to market – on average by 13 percent.

Improved processes enable teams closest to customers – such as sales and marketing – to quickly and accurately convey opportunities they have identified to design and development teams responsible for new product or service creation. The ability to supply information to the right people, at the right time and in the right format can easily make the difference between being a leader or a laggard – and success or failure of a new business initiative.

Study respondents said fixing document processes would:

  • help their organization more rapidly address customer needs (78%)
  • respond more quickly to market changes (65%)
  • and improve their competitive stance (63%)

“The benefits of optimizing business processes are real, and they are profound” said Sergio Kato, Deputy General Manager, Ricoh Global Marketing Group/Services Business Center. “Improving business processes is one of those very rare initiatives that can reduce costs, drive new business opportunities, speed time to market and most importantly potentially increase revenue. The investment is usually modest compared to the return, which can be substantial”

Ricoh has mastered a process for continual process improvement over decades of work with thousands of Managed Document Services clients. Concludes Kato, “Change is difficult, but following best practices and leveraging years of document management experience can make it easier. Equally important is sustaining the change and continually improving on it”

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