Make single copies from originals sized A to E (8.5" x 11" to 36" x 9.8") at 4 cpm. The 14 step density control gives you sharp, clear copies from original drawing, bluelines, sepias, and diazo prints onto your choice of plain paper, vellum, polyester film, or tracing paper.

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  •  4 cpm 24"x36"
  •  Adjustable Fusing Temperature
  •  Adjustable Margin Control up to 4" from the leading edge
  •  Partial Copy function
  •  Semi-Synchronized Cutting
  •  Single copy copier
  •  Auto Off
  •  Clear Modes
  •  Emergency Stop Key
  •  Energy Saver Mode
  •  Fusing Temperature Adjustment (15 steps)
  •  Job Program
  •  Manual Image Density Adjustment (14 steps)
  •  Margin Adjustment
  •  Partial Copy
  •  Auto Clear
Configuration- Desktop
Warm-Up Time- Less than 3 minutes
First Copy Time- Less than 21 sec.
Copy Speed- 4 cpm
Original Size- Maximum: 36" wide (E), max. Length: 9'8"
Minimum: 8.3" x 11.7"
Thickness: 3mm
Rear feeder: 3mm
Copy Weight- Maximum: 36" wide, Max. Length: 9.8"
Minimum: 8.3" x 11.7"
Copy Material Feed: 1 or 2 roll feed, manual feed bypass
Copy Media: Plain paper, 14 to 36 lb.
Reproduction Ratios- 1:1 (=/-0.5%)
Input and Output Devices- Manual Bypass: 1 sheet, Copy Exit: Upper
Cutting Method- Semi-automatic Synchronized Cutting
Power Source- 120V, 60Hz, 15A
Copy Process- Dry Electrostatic Transfer
Power Consumption- Max. 1.4kw, Warm-up: 1.2Kw
Dimensions- 42.5" x 26.4" x 51.6"
Weight- 167.6 lbs.
Special Features- Auto clear, Auto off, Clear Modes, Emergency stop key, Energy saver mode, Fusing temperature Adjustment (15 steps), Job program, Manual image density Adjustment (14 steps), Margin adjustment (4" lead/rail), Partial copy

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