Pro C900

Fast, flexible and low cost — this versatile digital color production system meets all your business needs. Faster turnaround for last-minute jobs. Higher throughput during peak production. Greater flexibility for inline finishing. Lower operating costs for full-color applications. That’s why we engineered the Savin Pro C900 to deliver all this, and much more.

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  •  Program tasks quickly through the user-friendly, easy-to-read, 10.4-inch color touch-screen display via the advanced print controller.
  •  Toner yield is unprecedented at 72,000 prints per bottle.
  •  90 page-per-minute print engine.
  •  Handles heavy media weights—up to 110 lb. Cover through the 13" x 19.2" Large Capacity Tray.
  •  Outstanding 1200 x 1200 dpi image quality.
  •  Replace Toner Bottles, reload and auto-link Media Trays without stopping jobs in progress, enabling long, unattended print runs.
  •  Minimize density reduction in high color coverage areas with a stabilizing, single-direction development method.
  •  Enhance image quality in high-density areas with the newly formulated developer.
  •  More consistent color quality from print-to-print and throughout long print runs with innovative sensors that adjust and compensate for minor color shifts in the imaging process.
  •  Print drivers support advanced page programming for mixed media, allowing for automated selection of various stocks during job preparation and submission.
  •  Uninterrupted and completely transparent processes that covers Web-to-print submissions, ticketing, acceptance, pre-flight, make-ready, print production, job management, finishing, archiving/retrieval and accounting.
  •  Save time and streamline production with EFI™ Hot Folders. Operators simply drag a file into the folder and it is processed automatically according to preset instructions, with no intervention.
  •  Advanced profile creation tools ensure color matching across a wide range of input and output devices.Learn how to get the most out of your investment with this Pro C900/C900s customer training. This training program includes a step by step guide on how to administer the TCRU (Trained Customer Replaceable Units) program.
Output Speed- 8.5" x 11": 90 pages-per-minute in B&W and full-color
Main Unit Base- Pro C900
Configuration- Base Unit includes Plotting Engine, EFI Fiery Print Controller, 2 x 1,000-Sheet Tandem Tray, 1 x 500-Sheet Tray and 10.4" Operation Panel
Printing Process- Dry electrostatic transfer with internal transfer belt; 4-drum method
Warm-Up Time- Less than 420 seconds
Maximum Input Capacity- 11,000 sheets (fully configured)
Media Size- (Standard Input Trays): Tray 1: 8.5" x 11" (tandem), 11" x 17" with optional Tandem Tray Converter
Tray 2: 5.5" x 8.5" – 13" x 18"Tray 2: 5.5" x 8.5" – 13" x 18"
Media Weight- (Standard Input Trays): Tray 1: 16 lb. Bond – 80 lb. Cover
Tray 2: 16 lb. Bond – 80 lb. Cover
Dimensions (W x D x H)- 49.2" x 43.3" x 56.7"
Weight- 1,543.2 lbs. (700 kg) or less
Power Requirements- 240V, 24A
Maximum Power Consumption- Less than 5,500W
Maximum Output Media Capacity- 13,000 sheets (fully configured)
Standard Utilities:- Print Submission & Management EFI Driver, EFI Command WorkStation Management (PC & Mac), Fiery WebTools, EFI Hot Folders, EFI Virtual Printer, Macintosh Print Center Plug-Ins, Rush Printing, Print/Process Next, Advanced Job Re-Order, Suspend On Mismatch, Quick Doc Merge, Schedule Print
Color Management & Proofing EFI Fiery ColorWise, Fiery Graphic Arts Package
Imposition & Document Assembly Mixed Media, Paper Catalogue, Tab Shift, Insert Tab, Booklet Maker, EFI Impose, Fiery Edition
Variable Data Printing PPML, EFI Fiery FreeForm, Fiery VDP Resource Manager, Creo VPS
CPU- Intel Core Duo 2.16 GHz
Memory- 2 GB
Hard Disk Drive- 500 GB (250 GB x 2)
Operating System- Windows XP
Optional Utilities:- Color Management & Proofing Fiery Graphic Arts Package Premium Edition, EFI Color Profiler Suite V2.2
Imposition & Document Assembly EFI Compose Fiery Edition
Optional Utilities:- Color Management & Proofing Fiery Graphic Arts Package Premium Edition, EFI Color Profiler Suite V2.2
Imposition & Document Assembly EFI Compose Fiery Edition
Color Measurement- ES-1000 Color Spectrophotometer
 - SMTP v3 Authentication, POP before SMTP, PDF Encryption, User Codes

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