Savin Universal Print Driver

Savin Universal Print Driver


Savin's Universal Print Driver provides a single intelligent advanced driver, which can be used across your fleet of Multifunction Products and Laser Printers. The Universal Print Driver lets you simplify printer support and lower management costs without sacrificing the features important to your users.

Say good-bye to the hassle of supporting device-specific drivers by leveraging Savin's Universal Print Driver. The UPD gives end-users the ability to output to virtually any printing device. There is no need to change drivers when new printers or MFPs are installed, and the same Universal Print Driver can be used for both MFPs and laser printers.

Save time certifying new machines. Once the Universal Print Driver is certified for use, only the new functionality needs to be tested saving IT resources. Support costs are lowered by reducing calls to Helpdesk personnel and through easier and more streamlined device management.

Savin's Universal Print Driver uses bidirectional communication to connect with and determine the capabilities of the printing device. For newer devices, the Universal Print Driver provides the full functionality of the device including advanced features and finishing capabilities. (See Screen Shots)  For older model machines and most 3rd-party devices, the driver enables the maximum functionality from a set of universal generic printing features including: paper, layout, print quality, duplex, staple and more.

Give your users a consistent printing interface while making it obvious and easy to know which driver to choose. By simplifying the process for users, unsuccessful printing is reduced with fewer calls to the Helpdesk.

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