SSI Auto Attendant

Seamless Solutions Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is a powerful automated VoIP business service that replaces the need for a receptionist.

Isn't it impressive when you call a company and get an Auto Attendant message like the one below? You just know you're dealing with a company that's really got its act together. Seamless Solutions includes the Auto Attendant with our Seamless Office business phone service.

Welcome to XYZ Company, your leading provider of high quality services.
  • For the Sales Department, press 1
  • For Customer Service, press 2
  • To Dial by Name, press 3
  • To Dial by Extension, press 4
  • For the Company Directory, press 5


Why Seamless Solutions Business Customers Love The Auto Attendant

  • Look more professional. It makes your company look bigger and more professional.
  • Replace the receptionist. It replaces the need for a receptionist and saves you money.
  • Route calls efficiently. It connects your callers to the right resource quickly and efficiently.
  • Customize for different hours. You can play different menus for business hours versus after-hours.
  • It's included. Auto Attendant is included with our Unlimited, Metered, and Global extension plans at no extra charge!

The Seamless Solutions Auto Attendant Lets You:

  • Get callers connected to employees with choices like: dial by extension, dial by name, or dial from the Company Directory.
  • Define greetings and schedules for business hours, after hours, holidays and even business hours exceptions.
  • Transfer callers to Ring Groups, Call Queues, Voicemail, and even Additional Auto Attendants.
  • Customize your Auto Attendant to the specific needs of your business.