SSI IT Layered Security Approach

Seamless Solutions Layered Security Approach

Layered Approach to Managed Security

Cybercrime is on the rise; and it is costing businesses millions of dollars in lost productivity, system rebuild time, breach of confidential records, theft and damage to reputation. Make no mistake about it - Cybercrime is big business and getting bigger every day as traditional crime organizations realize that there is a lot of money to be made when compared to traditional crime. As a result, criminal organizations are paying top dollar for talented cybercriminals who aspire to make a name for themselves by unleashing malware on unprotected networks.

Cybercrime is indiscriminate based upon size or organization type. If you have something of value then you are a potential target. Every week Seamless Solutions’ Managed Security Team receives new reports of damaging malware attacks that have compromised networks or infected a considerable number of desktops, laptops or mobile devices. Thousands of new malware variants surface daily, and their eradication has become increasingly difficult.

Gone are the days when a firewall and anti-virus software were enough to thwart malicious attacks.  Not only have cybercriminals become evermore sophisticated, the rise in mobile device use, cloud services and social media has also dramatically increased vulnerability. As a result, the corporate network is increasingly being exposed to malware, Trojans, advanced persistent threats, fake anti-virus software, and other attacks that have the potential to lead to a data breach, network disruption, compromise of sensitive data, and/or theft.

Let’s be clear - cybercrime is a near and present threat for all organizations today. As attacking financial institutions becomes more difficult, cybercriminals have turned their attention to other “lower security” industries. In fact, the food and beverage industry was the primary target for hackers for the second year in a row followed by retail, according to Trustwave’s 2012 Global Security Report.

The reality is that most attacks are not all that sophisticated or glamorous. Most resemble back alley muggings more than elaborately designed robberies, and cybercriminals most often take the path of least resistance. Does your network resemble “an old lady with a loosely tethered purse” or does it look like a well-fortified castle complete with moat and drawbridge? Managing risk against the threat of cybercrime is certainly not an easy task. So you need to begin by understanding whether or not your network looks like prey to a criminal then take steps to thwart potential attacks.

To protect their network from cybercriminals, Seamless Solutions’ Managed Security Team is urging clients to make their networks less attractive to a predator by implementing a layered approach to security. With a layered approach to security organizations take a systematic, preventative approach to address each of the primary security threats to your computer network.