Frequently Asked Questions

Seamless Solutions provides the knowledge, expertise, services, and equipment to optimize business practices. We merge three standard areas of services into one cohesive offering: office equipment, workflow and document management, and IT Solutions.

  1. Call our customer support team between 8am and 5pm at 713-800-6453. Calls placed after hours will go to our on-call service technician.
  2. Email us your request:
  3. Log in to our customer portal. To request a login, please email

Seamless Solutions believes in the highest level of support. If you should ever have an issue, please reach out to our IT Sales Manager, James Harmon at 713-800-6624 or e-mail

We find discrepancies 9 out of 10 times, and we often find out that what you signed up for, you’re not actually getting.  Also, we want to be as accurate as possible.

Seamless Solutions honors our Lemon Policy. If while protected under a Seamless Solutions service program your machine continues to have excessive service issues that cannot be rectified by our service department, we will replace that machine at no additional charge (you must have had the machine for at least 60 days). If you feel you have a lemon, please call James Harmon at 713-800-6624. A field manager will come inspect the machine to determine whether or not it is repairable. If not, the machine will be replaced.

Contact our help desk at 713-800-6670 or e-mail .

  • Our data backup and recovery plans offer total data protection for every server on your network. Avoid unreliable tape backups! Seamless Solutions’ backup system includes real-time onsite backups, integrated with our off-site data backup service. Contact Seamless Solutions’ help desk at 713-800-6670 or to learn more!

Contact Seamless Solutions’ help desk at 713-800-6670 or e-mail to day for a quote on all VMware or Microsoft software

Contact Seamless Solutions help desk at 713-800-6670 or e-mail for IT support, or to purchase a replacement Dell, HP, or Lenovo system.ontent