Managed Print Services

“Printing documents is one of the few areas where companies don’t attempt to control costs because they think printing is cheap. But in fact, only 5% of what you spend on a printer is hardware. Close to 45% is running costs and 50% is hiding costs.”

– Paul Curlander
  CEO, Lexmark

Cost of Print Study (COPS)

Managed Print ServicesOur experience has proven the majority of businesses are not aware of what is currently being spent on their copiers, faxes, printers and their related service and supplies. For this reason Seamless Solutions is offering a program called Cost of Print Study. 

The COPS is a process in which our company works with yours to provide a “snapshot” of critical elements from your document output.  We inventory your equipment, gather information about the costs associated with each system, discuss issues with end users and provide you with a summary report to aid you in any future decisions or acquisitions.  Our overall objective is to help your company control, manage, and reduce your costs with your document output systems with Managed Printer Services.

The COPS is beneficial to you because it:

Current Expenses
Meet Industry Standards

Cost Effective

from Industry Experts

New Ideas
New Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


A Cost of Print Study costs our company $1,000-5,000 to conduct a published report. 
It will cost you three things:

  • Confidentiality
  • Access to information (Supply invoices and service contracts so we can be accurate)
  • Cooperation with workgroups, managers and end-users

If it’s done right and with full cooperation, it takes 1 to 2 hours of your company’s time, not including the final presentation.  We need two surveys completed by two of your main document output users.  At our location we do the research, compile the data and publish the executive summary.


We find discrepancies 9 out of 10 times, and we often find out that what you signed up for, you’re not actually getting.  Also, we want to be as accurate as possible.

We will find areas that need improvement.  Some of our recommendations won’t cost a penny.  Other suggestions may be something your current vendor should fix.  And we will find problems that we would like to propose a solution for, if it’s in our area of expertise.  We will also validate what you are doing right.


We have been trained to do these types of studies and we are the experts in this field.  We may find areas that may have been overlooked by you.  We do all the research and the work so you have time to do what is important to you.  Also, there is no obligation to purchase anything; at no time during this evaluation will we ask you to purchase anything, so why not take advantage of this offer?

  • Volumes on all document imaging equipment (Copiers, Faxes, Printers, Color)
  • Invoices for maintenance agreements on all equipment
  • Outsourcing invoices (monthly costs and volume)
  • Lease documents for all equipment
  • “Objectives and Challenges” form completed by all involved in the decision making process
  • Amount of color produced in-house and outsourced. Cost and volume

Seamless Solutions is a leading provider of Managed Print Services (MPS) that is committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective printing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Managed Print Services refer to the comprehensive management of an organization’s printing infrastructure, including devices, supplies, and support.

Seamless Solutions begins its MPS offerings by conducting a thorough assessment of the client’s current printing environment. This assessment involves analyzing the existing fleet of printers, copiers, and multifunction devices to identify inefficiencies, redundancies, and areas for improvement. The goal is to create a tailored and optimized printing strategy that aligns with the client’s specific business needs.

Once the assessment is complete, Seamless Solutions designs a customized MPS solution that may include hardware upgrades, consolidation of devices, implementation of advanced printing technologies, and the establishment of proactive monitoring and maintenance protocols. This tailored approach ensures that the client’s printing infrastructure operates at peak efficiency, reducing costs and improving overall productivity.

One key feature of Seamless Solutions’ Managed Print Services is proactive monitoring and maintenance. The company employs cutting-edge technology to remotely monitor the health and performance of printers and copiers in real-time. This allows for the identification of potential issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and maximizing the lifespan of printing equipment.

Cost control is another significant aspect of Seamless Solutions’ MPS offering. By consolidating and optimizing the printing fleet, businesses can achieve cost savings through reduced energy consumption, decreased paper and toner usage, and efficient maintenance practices. Additionally, the implementation of secure printing solutions helps organizations manage and control user access, enhancing document security and confidentiality.

Seamless Solutions also provides ongoing support and regular reviews to ensure that the MPS solution continues to meet the evolving needs of the client. This commitment to continuous improvement allows businesses to stay ahead of technological advancements and industry best practices.

In summary, Seamless Solutions distinguishes itself in the realm of Managed Print Services by offering a comprehensive and personalized approach to optimize printing environments. Through strategic assessments, tailored solutions, proactive monitoring, and ongoing support, Seamless Solutions empowers businesses to achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and overall operational excellence in their printing processes.