IT Project Augmentation

Staff Augmentation for IT Projects

You can keep those challenging, high-priority IT projects moving forward. You can complete them on time and within budget. And you don’t have to increase your IT department headcount. An impossible aspiration? Not when you have Seamless Solutions on your side. You would think IT departments possess superhuman abilities, the way they’re pushed to the limit by top management and internal customers. You know how it goes: major new projects and impossible deadlines, heaped onto plates that are already full.

Hiring additional resources is frequently not an option. Many IT organizations have discovered a better alternative: augmenting their staff with outside technology services professionals on an as-needed basis.

Seamless Solutions can help you fill a need – whether one-time, occasional, or ongoing. Seamless Solutions has a deep, rich bench of experienced IT professionals that are available as consultants or as integrated team members. Skill areas range from CIO level consulting to hands-on engineering, architecture, and systems administration.

We pride ourselves on our nimbleness, our ability to bypass unwieldy processes. Our extensive experience with technical staff augmentation means we’ve refined the process of supplying the right resources at the right price for every project. No wasted effort, no spinning our wheels.

Seamless Solutions Technical & IT Staff Augmentation services have served some of our country’s most recognized and respected companies, including many in the Fortune 1000, from a lot of different business sectors. Even more impressive is the loyalty of our clients. We’ve been working with several of the same organizations since our inception. That says a lot.

Dealing with some companies, you might get a bit of attitude (and usually not the good kind) along with your services. With Seamless Solutions you get a guarantee: If, after two weeks, you’re not completely satisfied, you won’t be charged for the services you’ve received. Which means we work extra hard to make you happy.

If it’s on your must-do list, we can probably help:
The services offered through Seamless Solutions Technical Staff Augmentation include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • Network Design | Implementation | Management
  • Application migration
  • Server Migration
  • Capacity planning
  • Data center construction and migration
  • Data center automation, performance tuning and enhancement
  • Virtualization and server consolidation projects
  • Help desk and technical support
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Process improvements
  • Performance tuning and improvement
  • Periodic health checks