Informational Management


Information – it's the lifeblood of most businesses. It enables vital decisions; facilitates understanding of the customers and segments that matter most; and creates differentiation between you and your competitors.

It’s no surprise that as your information grows every year, the challenges of managing it effectively grow as well. Direct costs, like storage and backup, are easy to measure. Indirect costs, however – like searching for lost documents, sending customers incorrect information, and compliance violations — are typically overlooked.

Consider for example:

  • E-mail storage costs alone are growing at 25% per year;
  • U.S. Businesses spend $600 billion annually dealing with incorrect, incomplete, and redundant data;
  • Knowledge workers spend 15 percent to 30 percent of their work time looking for the right information;
  • Nearly 3 out of 4 companies fail within one year of significant data loss

Seamless Solutions can help get your information under control. Whether you’re concerned about storage and security, or want to look at how your information can become an even more valuable asset, we can help.